D-Motor, four cylinder 95 HP, 6 cylinder 135 HP, direct drive, liquid cooled aircraft engines for light sport aircraft, D-Motor USA 2001 Industrial Drive, Deland Airfield, Deland Florida 32724

The D-Motor can be used in experimental aircraft, homebuilt aircraft, amateurbuilt aircraft, and light sport aircraft .

D-Motor, 4 or 6 cylinder flat head, direct dirve, 95 or 135 HP, liquid cooled light sport aircraft engine.


The D - Motor a light weight aircraft engine that has been under development and testing since 2010, and is being flown in aircraft in Europe and around the world is now available in the America through D-Motor USA!

D-Motor company began production of the D motor in 2010. The D motor is based on existing and well proven technology the 4 stroke side valve (flat head) boxer engine uses the latest technology, including multipoint fuel injection, electronic ignition and liquid cooling giving a maximum continuous power of 88.8H.P.

Combine this with high quality materials machined on the latest precision C.N.C. machines ensuring that crank shafts, connecting rods, camshafts and all engine components are produced to the highest standards.

The engine was initially bench tested for hundreds hours before undergoing extensive flight testing by three independent aircraft manufacturers and / or distributors to establish its reliability and durability.
Advantages of the D-motor for light sport and experimental amateurbuilt aircraft.
The D-Motor is Compact:
By using the flathead instead of overhead engine, the D-Motor is smaller in area despite the big cubic capacity.

The D-Motor is Simple:
With the flathead design the D-Motor is simpler and doesn't have the complexity of rockers.  A D-Motor customer wrote on a blog after exploring the inside of the engine "This engine will go a long way. After fiddling in it's belly, I have even more faith in the mechanics of the engine. It is so simple, there is not much that can go wrong."

The D-Motor is Light: Weight
The extra weight of the liquid cooling is compensated by the flathead design, which does not have the overhead camshaft and cooling fins. The liquid cooling makes it possible to practice "touch and go's" without any danger of thermal shocks or hotspots. It also improves fuel efficiency and lowers emissions.

The D-Motor is Strong:
The big cubic capacity results in high torque, with the direct drive running at lower RPM instead of a smaller engine running high RPM.  The D-Motor takes advantage of  Nikasil treatment for the cylinders, used in many higher RPM engines.. This expensive treatment is used for motorbike engines running up to 12,.000RPM. At a red line of 3000 RPM this treatment is an extra guarantee for a long life.


When a valve in an overhead engine fails to close during operation, extensive damage can be done to the engine! When a valve of a side valve or flat head engine fails to close, you continue flying but with less power and no expensive repair cost.

D-Motor LF39 6 cylinder 3900 cc liquid cooled engine.

D-Motor LF26 4 cylinder 2700 cc liquid cooled engine

The 6 cylinder is under development. Tests on the dyno should start in May 2013. The LF39 is expected to available in the middle of 2014.

The expected power is between 125 and 135 HP with a torque around 300 NM.
The LF26 is a 4 cylinder 2700cc water cooled, direct drive, fuel injected, side valve, (flat head) aircraft engine. 

A version has also been developed to be fitted on a helicopter with integrated flywheel and clutch..

SC07 Speed Cruiser first production light sport aircraft to be offered with the D-Motor!
SC07 Speed Cruiser first production light sport aircraft to be offered with the D-Motor!

LF39 - 6 cylinder, liquid cooled, flat head, direct drive 130 HP aircraft engine!

Renegade Light Sport BOT SC 07 Speed Cruiser


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